Tim Cook is attacking the companies that profit from customer privacy

In his talk in the International Conference of Commissioners for data protection and Privacy, warned Tim Cook -CEO of Apple – gravity technologies which collect personal information of the user.

Cook says “all the information, from the everyday to the personal details, by the companies against the efficient military. If you took every piece of information individually would not cause any damage, but a carefully assembled and synthesized for trading, can be in his image the most harm to make a digital image durable of the user’s profile to allow the people that know him better than he knows himself.”

Hit the Cook is an example of more cases of arm data prevalent a service of the political tensions, where he says, “if Green is your favorite color, you may come across many topics about the insidious threat that brings his a fan of the orange color to the world.”

Without mentioning specific names, he attacked the Cook companies that profit from customer privacy, saying, “this inventory of the personal data serving companies that collect only enriched”.

Whether you are of the Apple or not, one of the aspects that must be a tribute to the police — to say the least, when compared to competitors such as Google and Facebook— is to put customer privacy first. Will Apple challenge how little access that possessed by any person on Apple products Your as a user.

Select Cook Four rights of a basic user who likes to decide Privacy Act the federal comprehensive in the United States, “the right of the personal data, the right to know the collected data and use, access to collected data, really Data Security”.

In an invitation to support the law, Cook said, “it became visible to what it can do to the technology of the damage instead of the area. The privacy problem is real, not artificial or exaggerated or crazy, and believes in the potential of technology for good must not be in the moment”.

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