Tim cook questioned the need for higher education

The question of the need of higher education, which a few years not even standing today was once again the subject of debate. More and more companies when hiring are paying attention to relevant experience and skills of the applicant, turning a blind eye to the lack of “crust”. Of course, to get the post of surgeon with the baggage will likely not work, but a programmer – easily. This opinion, at least, adheres to Apple CEO Tim cook.

“I don’t think it necessary to pursue higher education to be a programmer — said cook. – I believe that this is an outdated view of things. We found that if we implement education programming in elementary school, gradually upgrading the teaching of this subject, by the time of the release of the child from school, he will be able to write applications that can be published in the App Store.”

Where to study to become a programmer

Hard to argue with cook, especially when you see how efficacious in programming are children. Their applications are leaders in downloads, bringing its creators tens of thousands of dollars before they receive even a secondary education, not to mention higher. So what will happen if they will get professional knowledge independently, as it happens in most cases, but structured and focused.

Apple works hard to promote programming as a profession of the future. To be able to teach young people the skills of coding, in 2016, the company in conjunction with the University of Naples Frederick II opened in Naples a private Academy for 600 students. They will learn the basics of programming, learn several programming languages and learn how to create applications for various platforms.

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