Tim cook talked about the phenomenal success of AirPods and Apple Watch

Sale AirPods and Apple Watch every year are becoming increasingly effective. In the third quarter of the fiscal year, CEO Tim cook said that the mere subdivision of wearable electronics Apple turnover exceeds 60% of companies listed in Fortune 500 companies. It’s hard to believe, because just a few years ago, this category of devices just wasn’t in the line of the Corporation.

The success of wearable devices Apple

Commenting on the financial report of Apple, Tim cook said that the wearable electronics category is the main driver of growth for the company. During the year, revenue from sales of the Apple Watch and the AirPods increased by 50% from 3.7 to 5.5 billion dollars. This is an unprecedented high figure.

The Apple Watch has set a new record in quarterly revenue and attracted millions of new users. More than 75% of users who have purchased the Apple Watch last quarter, not previously used them. We also see a phenomenal demand for AirPods. Interest to the wireless headphones, the Apple remains unchanged since their start, — said Tim cook.

Category of wearable devices Apple’s net profit has already surpassed the iPad lineup, and catches up to the Mac. And over time, the gap will become more obvious, analysts Counterpoint Research. Last but not least thanks to the release of watchOS 6, which will make the Apple Watch independent of the iPhone, device.

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Apple Watch Series 4 and record sales

Best-selling model of smart hours Apple continue to remain Series 4. Many consumers interested in the new design, and new options for health tracking, in particular, the function of the electrocardiogram. According to experts, the smart watch Apple has ceased to be solely a fashion accessory, having some useful medical functions, including the detection of atrial fibrillation.

Market share of wearable devices

According to Counterpoint, Apple is out of reach of other manufacturers. The next competitor yielded more than three times. It is not an indicator?

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