Tim cook told about the financial problems Apple due to coronavirus

Apple is rather reluctant to admit their failures, trying to rectify the mistake so that it did not recognize the users. Keyboard “butterfly”, which in Cupertino have worked for almost five years, is the best example. Instead of having to abandon this idea and use already existing mechanism of the “scissors”, the company’s engineers tried to revive the “butterfly”, as if depended on their lives. However, it can be really depended? After all, in the end, they made her so perfect. But sometimes, when the blame for failure entirely certain, Apple is doing what they should – readily admits to his failures.

It would be pretty stupid to believe that the coronavirus will not affect the financial performance of Apple

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Apple will not be able to achieve financial results, scheduled for the second quarter of 2020, due to the spread of coronavirus, recognized Bloomberg. Despite the fact that she’s already resumed work branded stores in China and local authorities have allowed factories to open and start production, nearly two weeks easy had so much negative impact on the operations of Apple that the achievement of those indicators, which in Cupertino have predicted for myself in the past quarter, in the current environment is impossible.

What is the problem with Apple

Tim cook admitted that Apple suffered greatly because of coronavirus in the financial plan

As the main factor contributing to the decrease in profit, Apple calls limited supplies of the iPhone around the world, as well as a sharp decline in demand for the rest of the brand products in China. The only product of the company, which benefited from the coronavirus that is the App Store. As of February 2020, its turnover in China grew by almost a third, which is almost unprecedented rate of growth. To date, no single factor could not provide enough measurable increase in interest in mobile and games.

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Our first priority is caring about people, forming a community of employees, partners, customers and suppliers of Apple in China. So I want to thank the many people in our teams who have worked day and night to reduce negative consequences from COVID-19 for Apple. Our corporate offices and contact centres are open again throughout China, and our stores are already starting to open, but we return to normality more slowly than we expected. In this regard, we do not expect to fulfill its own forecast for revenue in the March quarter. However, Apple remains strong, and the incident is purely temporary, — said Tim cook.

As the coronavirus has affected Apple

In fact, this was expected. Given that due to the spread of the coronavirus Apple had to stop production AirPods Pro, slow down production of the iPhone and, apparently, not to be able to start assembling iPhone 9, whose release is scheduled for March, the epidemic will have an impact on financial activities of Apple for a long time. Even if the Apple Store that the company was forced to close across China, and are not her main source of income, lack of products for Internet sales and the partner network was a key reason for the decline in sales.

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However, Apple would not be itself if has not prepared a way out. Despite the fact that the outbreak of coronavirus was somewhat of a surprise, Apple was able to negotiate with their Indian partners to transfer part of the production to the territory of India. As a result, the company were unable to start releasing there flagship iPhone due to the complexity of the change of logistic schemes some models of branded smartphones Apple started to gather in India and, apparently, will soon get to consumers worldwide.

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