Tim Cook told Donald Trump that of the new tariffs will compete with Apple TV with Samsung


U.S. President Donald Trump is prepared to take difficult decisions in the dispute with China. However, it seems that he may be prepared to make some concessions if these decisions put the large American companies in fact in the situation is very bad. This is the picture painted by the statements of Trump almost said that the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook presented the argument very convincing about how the effect of the additional tariff of 10% negative on its rival with the Samsung which is not affected by the tariff at all.

Additional tariff of 10 percent applicable on the goods imported from China is one of the weapons used by Donald Trump in a war of its trade with China. Supposed that the entry into force of the resolution on the first day of September next, but the American president for that until December 15, so this does not affect the products in the shopping season for the holidays, including phones and the new iPhone scheduled to be launched in the next month.

Of course, she complained the apple of the increase in tariffs on products imported from China, may limit the company’s CEO, Mr. Tim Cook about it when eating dinner with US President Donald Trump last Friday. During that dinner, use Tim Cook’s argument that will convince Donald Trump to reconsider this decision. He explained that the additional tariff of 10% would give preference to prevent its main competitor, Samsung in the long run.

Unlike Apple, the company Samsung manufactures its devices in various countries in addition to China. Enjoy the South Korean company is also the lack of tariffs on products imported from China. In a nutshell, will Apple and its customers in the end pay more money than before because of those tariffs that will make Samsung smartphones more enticing and less expensive.

Tell Donald Trump correspondents that Mr. Tim Cook presented the argument very convincing, but that’s all he said. Ask the Apple TV from the US government to get an exemption from this tariff-ins, and if Donald Trump already convinced, you may get a company on this preference possible. However, it may not happen by September 1, which will affect the Apple Watch and AirPods and other accessories.

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