Tim cook told how to protect their data

Users should be able to monitor how digital companies use their data, if necessary, just to prevent them from doing so. This opinion column for Time magazine expressed Tim cook, CEO of Apple. He called on the Federal trade Commission of the United States to give users more power to manage their own data. This will allow them to feel their responsibility and not expect that someone will do it instead of them.

First and foremost is to change the law in this area, says cook. If you prohibit companies to collect identifying information about the users, everything will become much easier. In addition, it is important that users know and understand what data can be collected, how and why. Hence an important privilege, which, according to cook, is to give users the ability to edit your personal information and, if necessary, to remove them from the servers of the companies.

Personal data

Unfortunately, today the majority of violations committed by companies is almost impossible to see. When we buy anything in the online store, sellers do not tell us that they sold our personal information to the broker, which collects data about users and sells them on. The path, which can pass your data so confused what to find traces of them would be virtually impossible, explains the CEO. As a consequence, users are not even aware of what is happening with their information, and certainly can’t influence it.

But you can rectify the situation, says cook. One of the ways to its solution — the creation of a unified information platform where you will be required to register all sellers of data to give users the ability to control the collection of data about themselves and, if the need arises, to limit it. The ability to remove information allows users to feel relaxed, knowing that nobody else will have access to confidential and identifying information.

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