Tim Cook: users-Apple don’t want to merge iOS and macOS

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He wants Tim Cook, CEO of apple, the largest company in the world by market capitalization to end any rumors indicate that the systems run the company’s iOS and MacOS will merge into one system sometime in the future, this statement was made during his interview with the Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald during the event Apple last in Chicago, cook said he did not believe that users want to merge the operating systems.

Cook said: “there are some people who focus on the process of this merge, but I don’t think this is what users want,” he alluded to the fact that while the merger will make the company more efficient, but it will be at the expense of missing features that have been built uniquely for the respective devices, and portable devices and desktop computer must remain in separate worlds with their respective operating systems.

Revealed the Chief Executive that he still uses a Mac Mac work in the offices of Apple, but it uses the computer, iPad tablet in the home and during development, and based on his comments, it appears that Tim Cook was firm in his position, which is contrary to the recent rumors that talked about that the iOS apps will find their way to the organs of the MacOS through an initiative called “Project Marzipan”.

He explained to Tim that users are not keen entirely on the experience of the compact between their mobile devices and desktop computer, which puts a big question mark on the recent reports about the establishment of Apple TV Unified experience includes the integration of source code for MacOS and iOS, where it seems clear that Apple is against the idea of bringing a lot of elements of any of the systems run by the Main to the other, focusing instead on how to connect across services and tools.

It should be noted that such a step is unprecedented for Apple, and there was excitement clear about this possibility, so that such a step might make the manufacturer of iPhone is closer to the level of the company’s philosophy of competition in relation to operating systems such as Windows 10, which is operating system designed to work across devices or the Chrome operating system Chrome OS that is running the Google Play Store for Android apps.

And the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald on the note that this does not necessarily mean that the agency reports Bloomberg the former Initiative “Project Marzipan” which is trying to through its Apple TV combining applications iPhone and iPad and Mac in an attempt to create a unified experience is not entirely accurate, where see iOS apps on system MacOS a huge leap from the tools to the development of iOS and macOS.

Tim Cook: users-Apple don’t want to merge iOS and macOS

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