Tim Draper: Bitcoin — best place to store your money

In late April, investor and well-known Bitcoin optimist Tim Draper saidthat investing in bitcoin will bring more than investing in the shares of Tesla, Hotmail and Skype. The blockchain based digital money is more important than all previous achievements of mankind. Now, Draper said that Bitcoin is the best place to put money. It is quoted by CNBC.

Whether to keep the money in the cryptocurrency. The view Bitcoin optimist

The main advantage of Bitcoin is open to everyone, from banks to people, says Draper. Government currencies and the traditional banking system vulnerable they can be attacked by hackers, or are simply stolen. Security of digital money are much higher.

Your banks all of the time attacked. Hackers find loopholes in the security system and steal money. But no one has ever hacked into the Bitcoin blockchain is the safest place for your savings.

Draper recalled the hyperinflation in developing countries — where the value of Fiat currency decreases by 30 percent each year. But if the money is invested in Bitcoin, they disappear. Even if the rate of coin drops, after some time he recovers, he concluded.

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