Tim Draper promises 250 thousand dollars for one bitcoin by 2022

In the second half of March Whether or not predicted the Bitcoin exchange rate at the level of 91 thousands of dollars by early spring of 2020. To obtain the exact number of entrepreneur helped calculations and careful analysis of the behavior of coins. Investor Tim Draper is even more positive prediction.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate. Version venture investor

Venture investor, spoke at the forum in 2018 in San MATEO. The expert recommended not to trust the skeptics and people who predict a more modest figures. About it reports RBC.

I think Bitcoin will reach 250 thousand dollars by 2022. Believe me, it will happen. They will think that you are crazy, but believe me, it will happen and it will be amazing.

It really is amazing, especially for Tim. Four years ago he acquired at auction of 32 thousand bitcoins seized by the U.S. authorities. During this time, the coin value has increased tenfold.

I hope for the truth of the prediction of the investor. This Moon we love.

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