Tim Sweeney changed his position: Epic loves Microsoft!


Tim Sweeney is the CEO of Epic, which owns the rights to the engine to develop video games Unreal 4 title Fortnite topline, and also the store Epic Games Store digital. Tim Sweeney had attacked Microsoft many times in the past and criticized the attempts of the police – put – to improve the personal computer to the platform closed.

After that was the opening of the store Epic digital change the position of Tim Sweeney on what it looks like, where he told GamesBeat that the company now like all of what Microsoft is doing!

Epic excited for what Microsoft is doing and we can’t be happier of the direction in which go the company. There is HoloLens, and is available on an open platform, there is a Windows platform, fully open, and that Microsoft are launching all kinds of services through stores in its digital.

Epic loves Microsoft.

Of course look website Tim Sweeney quickly when there were common interests at work between his company and Microsoft.

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