Time goes on: four reasons it’s not too late to invest in Bitcoin

Once it has reached its maximum price in December, Bitcoin instantly attracted the attention of the General public. After the global correction cryptocurrency quickly disappeared from the news headlines and her popularity has fallen to record low levels.

However, experts believe that now is the best time to invest. Bitcoinist has identified four main reasons to buy Bitcoin right now.

Low price to be a signal for bullish trend

Chief analyst at Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee saidthat now the cryptocurrency is trading below the average level of prices over a 200 day period. According to Lee, the purchase of Bitcoin will profit with a probability of over 90 percent.

The expert also points to positive signs on the part of fundamental analysis. Now Bitcoin has accumulated probably the largest amount of good news.

New infrastructure attracts big investors

Head of Digital Currency Group is Barry Silbert believes 2019 time institutional investors. As soon as the stock market will have a reliable infrastructure for large capital, its market capitalization can grow significantly. Earlier, the Foundation Silbert Grayscale Investments has reported about record investment in the crypt.

The bears have lost their pressure. They have no more bitcoins for sale.

Analysts believe that cryptocurrency has already found its minimal cost this year.

Great growth potential

Despite losing 70 percent of its value, Bitcoin is still worth more than at the beginning of 2017. Mentioned John McAfee and CEO HashChain Technology Patrick gray.

The level of acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the world — just 0.2 percent. Bitcoin has many more possibilities and space for new growth in the next ten years. You can’t ignore the growth of the stock market in the long term.

Over the past year, Bitcoin has broken dozens of records. The coin has surpassed the popularity of traditional companies like Amazon, JD.Com and iQiyi.

Bitcoin is the best store of value

Managing Director of FX Strategy at BK Asset Management Boris Schlossberg acknowledges that the recent growth of the cryptocurrency could become a strong impetus for the beginning of a new uptrend.

At the moment, Bitcoin can easily overcome the level of $ 8,000. Next is located the more serious levels of resistance.

Schlossberg said that in the long term, Bitcoin “could become a legitimate means of saving wealth.” Don’t forget to share your prediction and find helpful tips in our cryptodata.


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