Time mysteries: cryptomnesia send pictures with encrypted keys from Ripple wallets

Cryptomnesia Ali Kutluay ready to give 137,036 XRP to the one who will guess the puzzle hidden in a picture. The key to the Enigma is the private key, which is stored coins.

Award for the most clever

The contest rules are very simple — the first person who discover the key that can translate itself more than a hundred thousand Ripple. Kutluay said that some clues and the final answer will not be published until then, until someone transfers the coins from the purse.

If none of cryptocommunist not solved the riddle of the enthusiast prize pool will be added to the next puzzle. While on the purse reserved 20 XRP, so with a prize address you can display a maximum of 117 XRP.

This conundrum will be the second in a series of mysteries. Time to solve the puzzle is limited. When the timer reaches zero, the coins will be transferred to another wallet and the countdown will begin again.

The complexity of the encryption private keys in the pictures are divided into ten levels. The first mystery (the timer which started on October 15) is the complexity of the fourth level. Now on Twitter bounty hunters already being build theory around a few words in the puzzle.

David’s picture has the words [finis][initium] in three places, which can mean “beginning and end” or “border.” Most likely, the image needs to be inverted, this is indicated by the dots over the text.

XRPuzzler explained why he chose exactly the same amount of cryptocurrency as a reward.

While we wait, I can explain why 137.036 XRP. 137 is a Prime number. 137 is my favorite Prime number. 137 is an important number in physics and a mystery. The fine structure constant = 1/137.035999173. This constant is also called “alpha”.

The amount of reward for the puzzle is still too small to compare it with consideration for the recent mystery from anonymous in the amount of 310 BTC. However, such contests still attract a lot of attention to the Ripple and give an extra fame to the crypt.

Information prepared in AMBCrypto.


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