Time to buy: top 5 most undervalued altcoins

Expectations and reality rarely converge. It happens with the stock market, where the real asset price does not always reflect their usefulness. Service CoinFairValue made a rating of the five most undervalued coins on Coinmarketcap. According NullTX, they can bring most profits in the future.

How do you calculate “fair” value of each cryptocurrency? Into account is taken its popularity, frequency of use and the number of active wallets with coins. Analysts also used the discounted cash flow method, which is used to analyze traditional stocks.

Bitcoin Cash

Fork Bitcoin is often called a useless and centralized. However, CoinFairValue’s another statistics service estimates the cryptocurrency at least 1091 dollar, whereas now it is trading at $ 450.

From the CEO of Bitmain have a much more optimistic Outlook. According to Jihan Wu, in a few years, BCH will cost $ 100,000. Not surprising, since most of the assets Bitmain is in this coin, but it brings the company only losses.


Everything is simple — people can’t forget those times when Ethereum was worth more than $ 1,000. Now, the cryptocurrency is experiencing not the best times, for 2018 ETH has lost almost 85 per cent of its value against the dollar.

However, the “fair” price Ethereum is just $ 397. Unfortunately, this prediction is at odds with the point of view Vitalik Buterin. The Creator of Ethereum allows for the cryptocurrency drop to zero, Ethereum Foundation urgently’re making an improvement to your project.


The marketing Department of the Dash is to pay tribute — lately, the cryptocurrency is often featured in the news. It is even used in countries with serious economic problems. Accordingly, the Dash should be assessed not less than $ 266 when the real value 187 dollars.


The development of decentralized applications for the Chinese “killer Ethereum” is in full swing, and therefore NEO is a growing kriptonite. According to the service cost of cryptowall should not be below 25 dollars. The truth is the real price of NEO is not up to that mark.


Recently a team of developers while Cardano didn’t show us any news. In the roadmap of the project have already scheduled the next date of release of testnet, support for the Rust language, and improve the principle of storing the blockchain.

“Fair” price Cardano — almost 0.1 dollar. The real value of the coin while balancing on the level of 0.065 dollar.

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