Tiny octopus-killers reminded about the contamination of oceans


There are a huge number of living creatures of different sizes and types. Scientists are constantly studying them and often make unexpected discoveries. For example, in February 2018, they learned that sea stars living in oceans, able to see in the dark and even glow. During the study, in Hawaii, another group of scientists found a tiny baby octopus, which although it seems my dear creatures, are actually cold-blooded murderers.

A small octopus was found in the National Park Kaloko-Honokahau, during purification of water from plastic trash. The photos show that their size is no bigger than the tip of a female finger. According to the ecologist Sally Babrs, and her team of researchers were able to capture the baby octopus species Octopus cyanea, also called the “big blue octopus”. Also, it is believed that the photographs Callistoctopus ornatus, also known as the “night octopus”.

Cute and harmless little octopus was very deceiving. In the second photo it is visible as a tiny inhabitant of the ocean relentlessly eating up a baby crab. Posted in Instagram and Facebook photos gained popularity in the foreign segment of the Internet.



According to Sally Babrs floating in the ocean, plastic waste is used for small octopus, crabs and turtles temporary shelters. Plastic is very harmful to the inhabitants of the ocean, as it enters the body as invertebrate creatures and fish and even birds. According to Sally, for the past 17 years the amount of plastic debris in the oceans has increased dramatically.

The researchers hope that the published pictures will remind people about the importance of keeping the oceans clean. To clean oceans of tons of garbage is unlikely, therefore, scientists are developing more environmentally friendly materials. For example, in October they created quickly biodegradable plastic from potatoes.

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