Tip – how to store and save your devices in a secure manner and maintain the battery for a long time!

Many people may have more than one device iPhone or iPad or Apple watch, you might need some reason the viewer to store and not use these devices for a long time, today we’ll be in touch about the correct way to save them.

تلميحة - كيف تقوم بتخزين وحفظ أجهزتك بطريقة آمنة والمحافظة على بطاريتها لوقت طويل!

Tip – how to store and save your devices in a secure manner and maintain the battery for a long time!

Save and store devices: iPhone, iPad hours Apple TV without the use !

As we mentioned earlier, many people need to travel, or because they have more than one device and exactly custom for sale in large quantities, or for whatever reason, they may have to store and save their devices for a long time without use, they think it’s that simple, and only requires switching off the device, put it in a safe place and that’s it.

The truth is that it’s a little complicated and needs some simple steps, which led you will ensure best condition for battery and your device, today we ask you this tips and steps:

First: get a Caddy for your machine

If you bought your device new, be sure to not throw the flag, they are designed in a way that maintains the device at a good temperature, as well as protect him from any fall or dust, etc.

If you own a carton of your device, make sure that you put in them after cleaning in the normal manner, and the definition of Science also from any dust, and then place the device as I got it the first time.

Secondly: make sure you two important things before storing your device

Having made your decision to save your device for a long time, it drew attention to two important things: the ambient temperature of the device, as well as the ratio of charging its battery, and therefore before storing your device in its box directly; you should do the following:

  • Do not charge the battery of your device or discharged in full, but charge it by almost 50%, because if you store your battery completely empty; you may enter the battery in the mode of deep thinking people, what makes them not able to keep in shape after that, on the contrary; if you store your device for a long time and it is fully charged, you may lose the battery some of its capacity leads to reduced battery life.
  • Turn off the device to avoid any extra consumption of the battery.
  • Put your device in a cool environment free of moisture temperature less than 32° Celsius (90° Fahrenheit).
  • If you want to store your device for more than 6 months, charge it by 50% every six months.

Third: what do you do after you want to use your device after a long storage period

In case you have stored your device iPhone or iPad or Apple watch for a long time, and I wanted to use it again, you have to pay attention to that the battery may have lost some of their energy, therefore make sure before using it to fully charged using the original charger, this may need some time.

Note: these tips do not vary by devices iPhone iPad hours Apple only, but include all the organs of the other companies, because they use the same battery technology, but some devices may be able to remove the battery: such as computers and phones, it’s best to remove them before storing them, and some may not be able to do so, we follow the previous tips.

Did you previously store your device without use for a long time?

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