Tip for people: don’t look at the screen of the iPhone X

Advise the security services in the United States of America of the Federal Police in their training not to look to the screen devices iPhone secured with the fingerprint Face ID when dealing with an accused or a suspect, because it may makes it difficult for investigators to reach any incriminating evidence. Why did the police on that? And this is no longer exceeded and the privacy? That’s what we’ll find in the rest of the article. Continued with us.

نصيحة للشرطة: لا تنظر إلى شاشة الآي-فون X

In a move almost a little late gave the police the United States of America instructions for each cop, not looking to the screen of the iPhone that supports fingerprint, Face ID your the accused or the suspect, because the system five times to the screen of the iPhone gives sources face if you are not the owner of the fingerprint, the face, this leads to having to enter the password to unlock the phone.

Surely you remember what happened with “Craig’s free” in the presentation of any-iPhone X when you try to open the iPhone with the fingerprint face of failure in it because of the frequent clashes wrong in the scenes that wasn’t from Craig’s face free, and therefore asked iPhone enter the password.

Thus it is difficult for the investigators as to the benefit of the accused’s password if they could, this possibility is remote, because it is not permissible to force a person way to deliver the password on his phone or to put his finger on the device to open it, it is transgression of the law, the company does not enjoy any legal authority to do so, this is protected by legal texts.

This see due to the persistence of Apple to update its phones and the introduction of security features new, making these phones an impregnable fortress against any attempts to open them and the violation of the privacy of the owners, even if the attempts of the security services. We have mentioned in a previous article How the federal government filed cases against Apple’s lack of assistance in opening the iPhone special of one of the accused, how they have resorted to security devices to use the devices to penetrate Israeli like GrayKey which range in cost by between 15 to 30 thousand dollars. Said Apple in the latest iOS close the charging port after one hour if the device is not used, its operation must enter a password or use the fingerprint than it’s any more difficult for the security services.

As a result of those things the work of the security services constantly on the catch up and keep up with those developments and those protection with the simplest methods available to find the incriminating evidence or something. once you point your phone to the face of the suspect. And it came to the use of fingerprints of suspects and forced to unlock their phones. According to the report of Forbs that federal police in an incident is first of its kind, has forced the owner of the iPhone X to cancel the lock iPhone, by directing it to his face directly open his phone, and found on chat and which condemned the accused.

It seems that there is a permit law enforcement in such cases, and that the US courts ruled that there is a difference between the vital systems of the print finger fingerprint, facial and password that you type in your phone on the other. Because as we mentioned previously are not entitled for the security apparatus to force a person to reveal the password, it is a crime to infringe on the self-Terminator under the amendment in U.S. law. This is not restricted solely to the company in the United States of America but in the whole world.

There is a way other than the imprint of the face may hinder the investigation teams open the phone, which is the advantage of putting the Emergency SOS it is possible to disable fingerprint Face ID fingerprint after five pressure and quick on the power button in the devices iPhone old. While in the iPhone 8 and X are to achieve the same thing by pressing the power button and the volume buttons. As well as if you did not unlock the phone within 48 hours, you will need a passcode to open it again.

It should be noted that unlike a fingerprint, the fingerprint Face ID doesn’t work with the dead, as stated by a source in the eastern US. In more than an accident, the cops tried American Open iPhone X for victims who died due to heroin overdose, but without interest because the iPhone requires attention no looking at the screen.

Vladimir Catalonia, the CEO of Elcomsoft software specialized in recovering passwords and decryption, said to the Motherboard: that in order to use the fingerprint, you have to press the button home to activate the phone then the phone at the same time almost on the fingerprint, in case of authentication error several times will require the password, so we always recommend in our training sessions using the power button instead to activate the phone. But in the case of Fingerprint, Face ID be hard it may fail authentication for cross any shock to the phone, so you must be careful and not looking at the phone anyway”.

Do you see that point your phone to the face of the people open are on privacy? And you should tell Apple something to prevent it? Tell us in the comments.


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