Tip: How to activate direct messaging DM on Instagram on the browser

Posted you yesterday’s News Special, which is the start of Instagram in a put the advantage of time sensitive direct DM to issue a site / browser! But unfortunately a large number of users not up to them this update yet, so share your in this hint a way to activate the feature of direct messaging DM on the browser on your computer immediately.

instagram mobile website on desktop

By activation of the direct messaging DM on Instagram on the browser version

1 – Go to Instagram
2 – press the right mouse button and from the menu select Inspect Element
3 – Click on the Toggle device toolbar at the top right of the page and then choose iPhone X or Pixel 2 XL
4. Now click on the button reload the page (or F5) you will see that The Shape of the site became similar to the development of Instagram on smartphones and you can see the sender, any person directly easy!

Source: Beebom

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