Tip: How to buy your Apple Arcade now and get a free month

While iOS already has one of the largest app stores in the world which is the App Store which are available we have thousands of games with high quality however, Apple’s service arcade Apple Arcade will have a strong impact in the gaming world, because they Service contain more than a hundred Game excellent quality led Apple to design their own, how much will these games completely free and does not even include the purchases within the game.

So now is not the launch of iOS 13 officially remained on the launch only two days, and in case you’re passionate about the experience of service Apple Arcade right now will require you to upgrade the operating system iOS 13 by الـBeta own, i.e. you have two choices, either to wait for a couple of days or you upgrade for the pilot that because Apple Arcade available only لـiOS 13.

If you have iOS 13 this is the way to participate in the Apple Arcade free for the first month:

How to buy your free in Apple’s service arcade and on the month of the demo

1 – open the application App Store App Store on your iPhone
2 – then you’ll find “the icon” New down is service Apple Arcade

3 – Once you click on the arcade you’ll see this page has appeared in front of you which is telling you that you can get a free trial of the service for the entire month so by pressing the “Try It Free”

4 – Once you press this button will move the page describes you, you pay $ 5 for each month and the first month is free, as stated before once you agree will start to get the free month.

How to cancel your subscription in the Apple Arcade

In case you don’t want to continue to use Apple Arcade or in the case that the free month has come to a close and you simply don’t want to pay the money they will have to cancel the subscription in the Apple Arcade before the coming of the renewal date.

To do that head to the Apple Arcade through the App Store and then tap on the icon of the profile top right and then went to the subscriptions page Subscriptions and click on the button Canel Free Trial.

Source: PhoneArena

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