Tip: How to convert a scene from the video for you to animated image

If you are on the applications of social media in the past few years, it may be seen many Motion Picture frequently, and are often funny and its popularity is growing, and you can easily create animated picture GIF of a scene from a video you using free tools such as the platform GIPHY.

How to convert a scene from a video into a moving picture

  • I’m looking for a video clip you want to convert the scene to a moving image.
  • He moved to the site GIPHY through this link.
  • Click on the button “create – Create” in the upper part of the site.

  • Paste the video link in the space provided.
  • Select the scene you want to convert to GIF and adjust the period of operation of the Motion Picture.

  • As soon as you finish the preparation of the image animated, click on the Follow button and Continue to Decorate.
  • In this page you can add text to the picture moving by button “Caption”.

  • You can also add stickers by pressing the button “Stickers”.
  • When the adjustment is completed, click on the Download button to “Continue to Upload”

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