Tip: how to display the data it has collected about you Apple

Data privacy is the most important theme in the current time, where there have been considerable efforts to educate users on the various processes the download data and export to see the amount of data collected by them, technology companies including Apple TV.

Apple TV also allow users to download the data collected by them. Where is the promised earlier has now become possible for users to know the full details of everything I have the Apple about them, this includes records download apps, music, and personal data in addition to other details.

Apart from the basic information about the identity, retain the Apple database for all applications, games, songs, books and other content that you have purchased from the stores, in addition to retaining a record of every device or accessory associated with your account in addition to Replacement Parts users support your customers.

However, Apple does not store contact data of users, such as messages via imessage and FaceTime being encrypted end-to-end and not accessible to anyone except the sender and recipient. Similarly, do not store geo-location data or map searches or requests Siri.

How do you know data is collected about you Apple

  • He moved to this page.
  • Look for the paragraph “Access to Personal Information” and click on the profit of the facility.

  • Select the state and language.

  • The next page, you have questions about privacy, select privacy problems for you after you will be prompted to fill out a form and send the request.

  • After submitting the application, the company will process your request and support team will contact you for personal information to confirm your identity, once you accept the request will be sent to the e-mail contains a password and the CD to determine it contains all your personal information Apple.

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