Tip: how to do Internet Data hours Apple TV 3

The main feature of the second part of the Apple watch is the ability to call Internet access data when outside the range of iPhone your. While the feature only works in the scope of the network or the phone company that you use, and does not support roaming currently.

How to do Internet Data hours Apple TV 3

  • Make sure that you are on the coast supporting water.
  • Guide to iPhone > Clock app > data > prepare data.
  • Proceed through the process of preparing the operator of the mobile network.
  • Once completed, it may take several minutes to activate.
  • To confirm the activation, disable the Bluetooth on the iPhone and get away from the phone enough to get out on the range.
  • On the coast, click on the icon of the Cellular and confirmation of the running water by turning calling code from white to green.
  • When enabled you will also see green points in the top right of the Control Center instead of the icon for iPhone.

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