Tip: how to get the directions accurately in Google Maps

Through 2016, changed Google shares guidance in the vam to the chamber that shows them what looks like a flash light to sign the direction of the Circus on the map. But sometimes, getting power form the flash that, when not be sure of the direction of the circus, and then rise and say, “did you actually walk in the right way?”.

When this happens it means that the sensor magnet your phone needs to be reset, where the remains of his work offered for download from the charging devices and metal stuff and even zoom lenses. A calibration every now and then to re-adjust it. How do we do this?

The simple fact is, you don’t need to apply or change the settings or change anything in the phone, just try not to drop your phone!

As in the motion picture, just move your phone several times taken the form of a Figure 8. This should shrink the flash light back to normal, and guide you without worry.

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