Tip: how to get Windows 10 free of charge in 2018

I had upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for a year since its launch, however there is a way to completely legitimate offered by Microsoft through its site to download Windows 10 for the first time, even if you didn’t have a house number, as you can update the version of Windows current by using the Product Number. [notification type=”notification_info”]you will need a Flash USB or DVD their space larger than 4 gigabytes to install Windows 10, and will not need any of them if you choose to update the copy of Windows 7 or 8.[/notification]

Here’s the company’s step-by-step:

1 – Go to Microsoft’s website and download the tool and Media Creation Tool [direct link]. 2 – run the tool and accept the terms of service. 3 – If you want to update directly to Windows 10 from Version Windows current, select: Upgrade this PC now. If you download Windows 10 device to another or create an ISO image to be able to use it several times for different in the process of installing Windows 10 (which is what I recommend you do) choose: Create Installation media for another PC.

If you choose to update directly to Windows current it download files Windows, direct the installation to the current version and ends here our work. But if you choose the second option, it will ask you about language version, which will be specific depending on the specification of the version of windows that works, but you can change them to remove the tag from the Fund. The rest of the steps to follow to prevent the second option was chosen. 4 – Choose ISO file to create a file that can be used several times, then press Next, wait until the file is downloaded windows that we use later.

5 – to burn the image of Windows on a USB or DVD, you will need to program Rufus. Enter the on [link] and download the “Rufus 2.10 Portable”.

6 – put your USB or DVD. And then open the program Rufus. 7 – as shown in the picture, select the device (number 1), then select the ISO image for the Windows version that you downloaded (No. 2), and then choose the option for MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI-CSM (No. 3), then the start (number 4). Note that this step will be erasing all data on your USB or DVD to the user through the process of Format. 8 – after this step is completed, restart the device through USB device or DVD. By clicking on esc button or f12 (varies from device to device) during the device reboot. 9. now, direct the process of installing Windows as in the photo below..

“choose the language of Windows and sign language, basic keyboard”
the “Install Now”
if you don’t have the Product Number, Product Key, you can proceed by clicking on I don’t have a product Key
“agree to terms of service”
choose Custom
wait until the process finishes transferring the files and then install Windows.
[notification type=”notification_info”]the process of file transfer the Windows about 20 minutes into the RAID, and stop depending on the capabilities of the device and transfer files from USB. After this operation the files will be installed it will says the device restarts several times during the process.[/notification]

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