Tip: how to install and use plugins brilliantly Gmail

Plugins are a great tool to increase the power of any software you use, and also provides flexibility. Parking provided recently to use plugins with e-mail Gmail and deal with them extremely easy, but they are limited at the moment.

How to install add-ons Gmail

  • Log in to your account and clicking on the Settings button, then click on the option “Get add-ons”.

  • Will now a group of plugins, we’ll choose Add a trillion to.

  • Click on the name of the extension, a new page will open, click on the button “install – install”.

  • Confirm your account and allow permissions.


How to use plugins brilliantly Gmail

  • Which plugins you have installed you will find in the right side.

  • Click on Add to start using it, will expand a little.

  • You can log in to your account in the service Addendum and browse its contents.

  • And most importantly is the possibility of using the addendum to the Gmail app on smart phones.


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