Tip: How to send a picture was quality full

WhatsApp and Facebook, and compresses the images sent by the low volume to process faster, but this leads to reduced sound quality that cost you effort and lots of money to pick it up, especially if you are using a professional camera.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to trick the application WhatsApp, and send photos to quality full, without the need to download any application to third-party.

The photos in this article dedicated to the operating system iOS, where I use the iPhone, but I’ll explain the process of Android also, because the basic mechanism is the same, basically: you have to make WhatsApp believe that you’re sending the level, instead of the image.

How to send a picture was quality full iPhone

  • Save the images in File Manager – File manager.
  • He moved to the conversation of WhatsApp, which you want to send photos to, and click on the button to attach files.

  • Instead of selecting the images tab, select the tab documents and then search for the image.
  • Tops now sent, and it will be sent as a document instead of an image.

How to send a picture was quality full Android

You will need to save your image as something else other than stretch the image. In Android, you can do this by renaming your image as a file format .pdf or .doc in File Manager, which leads to save it as desired file. After that, when sent to the recipient on an ongoing basis as a way for iPhone, ask the message recipient to rename the image in the file manager of your IT as a jpg. Will the original picture quality high.

Other ways to WhatsApp to send photos of the usefulness of their high

You can use WhatsApp if you have. But in general, we recommend using other services to send pictures and video clips quality full, including service Dropbox photo, Photo, Google, Evernote. But if you want to send high-quality images without the need to get away from WhatsApp, the way above is easier to do this.

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