Tip : how to shoot in snapchat without keeping your finger on the screen

One of the most famous in the application of snapchat is that the app makes you press with your finger on the screen constantly when filming video clips, once the deportation of the finger on the button to stop filming, but there is a simple solution available on the iPhone makes you able to export without touching the button to look forward to in this article.

Open the settings app and navigate to General

Then scroll to Accessibility and press the help touch

Turn on AssistiveTouch

You must show the grey circle is small, you can drag them around the screen, and click on them to show the list transparent

After that, you’ll need to scroll down and select “Create a nod to a new”

Press and hold with one finger in the middle of the screen to allow it to register the gesture, it will be filling a blue ribbon at the bottom when you’re finished

Save the gesture and the name.

Now open Snapchat and click on a gray dot small on your screen, then click Custom, then click on the gesture you’ve saved just.

Now you should see a grey circle small again, with a dot in the middle, drag it above the record button snapchat after about a second only will begin to snapchat sign up.

Note: because you can set the gestures only for a maximum of 8 seconds, you won’t get the length of the whole video duration of 10 seconds with this solution.

Will snapchat this way the score and your hands will be free to do whatever you want! If you prefer to lack of this point the little grey on your screen all the time, you can turn them on and off quickly from the application “settings”.

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