Tip: how to shoot things and using the lens of Google

Lens Google is through a new search engine for content contained in images, including translations of foreign texts, guest restaurants, view menus, meals, general information about the landmarks and monuments. Knowing that the lens Google became -for more than two months – available for Android devices through the application of Google image, after that it was exclusive to phones pixel.

Steps to use the lens of Google

  • The picture of the person or of the person or place you want to learn about
  • Open the photos app Google
  • Click on a picture to do it.
  • Click on the icon lens Google bottom of the screen

Then will display information about the image. For example, if I take a picture of one famous singer will give you a brief summary about it and perhaps his last, although the image containing foreign texts, translations will appear, with the option to copy the text, but usually don’t find information about local products, unlike that produced by international brands.

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