Tip: how to stop email messages from Internet sites

Many of the emails that we get after subscribing to the service or the website, this message is about notifications, suggestions and other types which are to be activated automatically until you cancel it to prevent its arrival to you.

How to stop emails from Internet sites

In YouTube:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Click on notifications.
  • Select the “Send e-mail messages the Declaration of the required service only.”
  • In the channel subscriptions, select from the list and “answering machine only”.
  • Remove the visas of all tabs “comments and”.

Now supposed to stop messages youtube annoying, when you load a channel, follow the video again, when you hang one on your comment and other notifications that we receive. Twitter:

  • Head to Settings.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Remove the tick from the All tab.
  • Click on the button “turn off – Turn Off”.

Now supposed to stop the messages is spam, when you Retweet one of the people you follow, or when pursuing someone, or respond to tweets and other notifications that we receive. And matching to a large extent in all of the internet sites, such as Facebook, Flickr, extruder and others.

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