Tip: how to stop Facebook from the ads

There is a lot of controversy that surrounds the network of facebook, the ability of the company to target users very accurately for the purposes of advertising display, so that users wonder if the company is listening to telephone conversations, because the ads that know them very accurate.

Facebook, like other free services collect information step ads, and a lot of services that allow them to do so as of the social network, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger added to the estate, and if they destroy your data in the different services in a single file.

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How to stop Facebook from the ads

Facebook has a file on you in the course of contains your basic info, your interest is different and other information that allows the ads you are interested in.

  • Install this extension on your browser.
  • Log in this page, which contains information collected by company about you.
  • The bottom of the tab “your interests – Your interests”, you’ll find a blue button named “Clear Interests with FBP”.

  • Click on the button will automatically delete the information in the tab.
  • You can repeat this process in the tab of the other “Advertisers you’ve interacted with – advertisers who interacted with them” and other tabs.
  • After the application on all tabs, you’re here, you delete most of the information, and you can repeat the process monthly, for example.

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