Tip: How to use autofill for passwords iPhone iPad

Recommend that you always choose a strong password and long of all social media accounts, apps, and various websites and e-services, but this causes a problem which is difficult to remember different passwords, what leads to the idea after users to store their computers and smart phones in the note is not encrypted, which is wrong.

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There are some solutions to this problem, such as a password manager such as LastPass or even service iCloud Keychain is available to all iPhones and iPads, lets you store and manage your passwords and logins for various websites and applications by Insight, without entering any password permanently, so that will take care of the service to import the login data and make autofill AutoFill iOS 12.

How to use autofill for passwords iPhone iPad

– Moved the settings to your phone, and pull the page down to get to the tab passwords and Accounts – Passwords & Accounts.
– Click on the tab autofill for passwords – AutoFill Passwords and activate the water.
– At the bottom you’ll find storage services and management of passwords, including service in the official Keychain or LastPass or other applications that you downloaded from the App Store to manage passwords, so select the service that you use.
– Now every time you need to login to any website or application, will appear the top of the keyboard the possibility of automatic filling of data, authentication using a fingerprint.

We recommend using LastPass to manage and store your passwords, based on personal experience spanning several years, enjoying the service protection encryption high, it is totally free, with access to upgrades, subscription per month.

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