Tip : why you should always install 64-bit Windows

Still Microsoft is offering both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the Windows 10 operating system, but whether you are installing the operating system Windows 10 or Windows 7, you should definitely skip the 32-bit version and get the 64 bit version instead for the reasons that we do it in this article.

Also known as a 64-bit version of Windows as “x64”, while the 32-bit version is also known as “x86”.

Processor your computer is probably 64-bit

It was computers that run core 64-bit prevalent for a long time now where the first CPU of this architecture from Intel known as Core 2 Duo in 2006 and issued a AMD 64-bit processors from Athlon in 2003, so if you have a computer purchased in the last decade, it is certainly that it comprises a processor core 64-bit.

There are some exceptions of course like Intel Atom processor, which was specialized to fit small tablets which come core 32-bit, it was pretty slow when it was launched it is highly unlikely that there will be a large category of users are still using those computers carrying amount of the reducer and tablets today.

Can be for computers that contain processors that support 64 bit operating systems 32-bit, but there’s no reason really to do this.

Why you should install 64 bit version of the system

Limited 32-bit versions of Windows to support 4 GB of RAM, which is a small amount these days, even to regular computers and low-cost modern usually includes 8 GB or more, and if you want to use more than 4 GB of RAM – and probably will – you’ll need a 64-bit version of Windows.

In addition, software can 32-bit even if running on Windows 64-bit access only 2 GB of RAM, given this limitation, it is not surprising that many applications now require 64-bit operating system. For example, if you want to run the game Grand Theft Auto V and many other computer games that have been released in the last few years, you will need a 64-bit version of Windows.

And 64-bit versions of operating systems also a number of security features that are not available on the 32-bit versions of Windows.

How to check whether you are using a 64-bit system or 32-bit

If you are not sure if your computer is running on a 64-bit version of Windows or the even processor core 64-bit, you can check it directly from within the system.

On a Windows System, go to Settings then system and then ‘about’ and look at the information displayed on the screen to make the type system, and if you see 64-bit operating system processor x64 The your computer running 64-bit. If the operating system is 32-bit processor and x64, The your computer running 32-bit but its capable of running 64-bit operating system.

How to upgrade to Windows 64-bit

If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows on a processor capable of running 64-bit, there’s good news and bad news, the good news here is that you can upgrade to the 64-bit operating system for free where you can use the license to the current Windows install a 64-bit version, the bad news is that you will need to re-install Windows from scratch to make the change so make sure you take a backup of your data.

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