Tips about the privacy of your Facebook account

If you are afraid about the security of your account on Facebook and want to maintain a personal page without a lot of complex data to appear to everyone, there are a number of methods and tools that gives it to you Facebook in order to achieve it. In this article we explore how you can adapt these tools to enhance the protection of your Facebook account.

Feature View As extremely important to protect your privacy

نصائح حول خصوصية حسابك على فيسبوك

One of the possible tools provided by Facebook is the possibility to view the profile page like you’re somebody else which you can use of pressure on the View As existing in your profile page at the top. When beginning to use the tool, you can see what he sees a regular user of Facebook is not a friend of yours to learn what you need to change now to improve your privacy from the show for all users.

Determine who sees your posts and all the advantages available

نصائح حول خصوصية حسابك على فيسبوك

When you publish a new post on Facebook, you can select from see us before or after its publication where you view his generally or to everyone or to friends only or specific people with the exception of specific people or display it for yourself just simply how much lets you Facebook modify your post at any time or delete it. All this seems to favor, but what you should watch out for is the other things.

The first of these things is that your profile picture will be public when it is raised it always so you have to change her privacy in every time, also you should be careful that the cover photo is always public and can not change that, so you need not to put a picture of the possible to see as the cover photo.

It is possible tools which you’ll find in the settings of the publications on Facebook is the possibility to determine the specificity of all previous publications of yours on the Facebook one-click if you’re afraid of the privacy of your publication published a long time ago and a large number.

Get rid of applications that you can post on Facebook through your personal page

نصائح حول خصوصية حسابك على فيسبوك

Raised the application of the powers in the access to information user big problems for users, as it is also possible that your exposure to automated deployment publications don’t want them on your profile page without your will. In order to stop all of that, you go to the Applications section of your account settings and delete the apps that have a lot of powers or that don’t feel that their presence is not welcome or it is not reliable.

Not to enable people to find your profile page easily

نصائح حول خصوصية حسابك على فيسبوك

In 2013 Facebook make all accounts available via search engines by default, which means that a search in Google before anyone could show a link to your personal account and if you don’t want it you can lock this feature in your account now in the privacy settings where you will find the choice given the choice Your about to find you in the “external sources”.

Also you can stop looking for you through e-mail and phone number so he can’t anyone who knows your email address or phone number to reach you easily over here and Bother You.

Do not use a lot of your data in the advertising and display what he knows Facebook you.

نصائح حول خصوصية حسابك على فيسبوك

Following Facebook everything you do on the Website is detailed to your interests accurately is also available you browse some of the sites that support it also if you want to view the interest displayed by Facebook you will find it in the ads settings within Facebook’s settings.

Also you can hide the ads that are targeted to your interests, if you want it, but this anyway will not reduce the number of ads that will appear to you but will be ad-target based on data it collects about you Facebook.

Extra tip: protect a password your account to not steal page Facebook personal

نصائح حول خصوصية حسابك على فيسبوك

There are a number of tips that you can follow to protect Facebook account of your lack of know the use of the personal qualities of badly by anyone. Certainly the first of these tips is to put a unique password can not be predicted but also you have to use a password not used in any website or other application which advice is extremely important.

Also you can enable two-factor authentication 2 Factor Authentication which ask for Enter the number of the message on your phone as you should secure your email account because if it is stolen or ended the existence it will be easy to choose your.

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