Tips for those interested in entering the digital content industry

Today, faced with the passage of ten years since the world of technology, ten years spent with this simple site, which I consider to be the story of the proud in front of everyone.

Ten years I spent with this site, which-thankfully minya – it was still no impact in the technical community, we are one of the sites that continued to cover the news Technical in the various fields and projects emerging applications in addition to publish articles and reports, ten years on this site made me go from my specialty (programming) to the field of media and public relations, digital marketing, and then work in the field of entrepreneurship and incubators.

During this long, learned a lot of lessons especially in the area of content industry, and that is why I will ask the readers and wants to work in this area some of the tips which you learned from some and some I couldn’t until now.


I’m sure you, dear reader, you get exploitation from the offered this advice in the beginning which might see her a lot she’s not important.
Believe me, the most difficult task in the field of content industry is patience, in the Arab region the industry of content is exhausting and the payoff is weak and the treatment for yourself too long.

So advice basic you should know that you need at the beginning of your How do you have patience and work on your project; because you will not find echo or to achieve financial results only after a long time, some take a year some more than that.

Work as a team.

Remember, honey, the founder of the project content that you don’t understand everything is not necessary to understand everything, so focus on creating a team like this area and offers additional value to the project.Always give your team a space for ideas and listened to them very well, sometimes ideas and initiatives that believe of them offer you Project things you weren’t expecting it.

For example, let the editors write in their own style and the fact that each one of them personal in front of the reading content; in this way you create competition among the buyers for anyone who wants to gain more audience and this will be reflected positively on the performance of the site as a whole.

Try the ideas

Through your work in the content area (or any other project) get a lot of ideas, do not consider, and about the feasibility of these ideas, implemented them and try and then measure the results, some ideas that you may deem insignificant and simple to be a big factor in the success of the project and vice versa.

The biggest mistake the owner of the project is to tie his personal convictions with the ideas, why always make your thinking flexible and try out all the idea up to you whether members of your team or those around you and visitors to the site or even the thoughts that arise in your mind.

Investment in original content

It is true that the speed of writing news and access information, exclusive are important factors in a sites content news, but that the largest value can be the success factor of the site’s investment in original content, here we mean the content of the original articles, reports, surveys and Reviews, all the content is from the Book of team based special is original content.

Not to mention that the original content highlights the efforts of the team in the search for information and evaluation about evaluation differently from the rest.

This type of content makes a project or site is not a large spread in the market because you will overtake your competitors, being you invest in original content adds great value to the reader to read the content that is translated or adapted from other sites.

I’m oral that through our coverage of the effectiveness of the dead 2009

Good marketing

I can’t check the proliferation of spam if there is not a successful marketing of the content. Of the most important steps that you should work on is to start in the implementation of the marketing plan of the content by all means, does not prevent to be some incl.

You should use social networks and where even if it was new, for example: must provide account to your Twitter and Facebook and snapchat and Instagram, in addition to the new social networks which may spread in the future.

It is the ways of marketing is also brought to book them a reputation in the market for writing in your site as a book guest link that you allocate a budget to these writers, because some help through acquaintances and his fame spread the name of your site.

Producing video podcasts

The content industry should not be limited to writing the script, one of the most important ways that help in the integration of the project content is an exception to other platforms such as: video and podcasts, it is true that this product for an additional but it is quick, non-proliferation and in differentiation from others.

The US experience with the Brate cost Xbox sausage but unfortunately circumstances often stop the program but then the program has had a great resonance between the traffickers and still some demands the return, but can’t currently.

Organizing events and conferences

Of the known methods in the marketing of the site as well as in the achievement of additional resources is the organization of events and conferences affiliated to the site.
Unfortunately, this method is still very weak in our region despite the fact that their results always have a huge resonance.

Take for example: website tech crunch’s famous, has a conference of tech crunch disrupt, which is held around the world and aims in the field of entrepreneurship and startups, this conference is sponsored by major companies in addition to that, attending driven and not free.

This can be from within the site plans conferences and events quarterly where the speakers in the same location, this method will create additional sources of income for the site as well as the proliferation of fast and great in the community.

In conclusion

The content industry in the region is still weak, and opportunities are great, those who are interested in this area you have to live these difficulties and challenges and you have to be level.

World over in many circumstances, some caused stop site for days, some because of poor returns but I am proud that the site lasted this long, and I always say to those who are around me when I ask about the status of the site by saying “still lived”.

So, Darling, wanted to produce a location in the content area focused on your site to be and you ” lived” among the people and in their mind all the time, and this will come only with proper planning and trade and learn from gas marketing successful.

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