Tips to maintain privacy of photos and videos on iOS

Many likes to capture photos and videos of your including would like to watch it directly on the websites of different spices. And wonder much can I maintain the privacy of photos and videos on the iPhone, so it’s not called one? And is it safe or not? And what are the ways to maintain the privacy of voice and video? All this and more we’ll find about it in this article.

1 – Turn off recording of the site in pictures and videos

When you capture a photo or video, location data is cached, so when you share this photo or video in a text or email or on a social networking site, you’re telling everyone where they were picking this article or this picture. And then publish your location data on social networking platforms, which facilitates it to follow a lot to you and on top of these existing ads.

To keep your phone from geotagged the photos and videos you take, go to Settings – privacy – location services – camera – and then choose absolute. As well as you can choose pictures from the list and then choose never also. That will show your current location while capturing photos and videos.

But this trick on the defect, you may not want to disable location data. Because without location data, it will not be album of the places in the application of new photos and videos, and will not be compilation of pictures with according to meet in a certain place, as you can’t search media by location, if you select ” absolute ” to normalize the audio, you will not be able to search by nearby locations also.

2. Use the data stored in audio and video by common

This trick come the defects of the first trick, meaning if you want not to share your location, you can cancel all the data stored in the image or video before watching this way to know in a nutshell EXIF . To achieve this you will need to an external application such as Pixelgarde “free” or PixlMet “free” or ViewExif “driven” or the EXIF Viewer “driven”. These apps are easy to use, thus ensuring the graduation of the image data before their participation.

If you want to upload your photos or post them on sites care statements and images, such as Flickr or Lightroom so that it is attention to the type of camera used in photography or Focal length, flash and other data. You can use apps like Pixelgarde “free” or PixlMet “is free and contains purchases” or Koredoko “Free” you can use the previous tools to change the location to another.As you can apply Pixelgarde remove geotags and retain all other data of the page or article.

3 – Turn off the media sync in the IP-cloud.

If you’re used to feature Photo Stream or flow of images and that means sharing your photos and videos once it’s taken on all your devices different like an iPad or iPod or Mac or Windows or even Apple TV that have the same Apple account, and other people in your family your participation in those devices. Or even if you sell one of these devices someday, and I forgot to delete the Apple account before selling it, no doubt this will be the media available to everyone. To turn off this feature, keeping your photos, videos, go to Settings – Sound – then disable my Photo Stream, as well as disable the iCloud photo library.

If you need to feature audio streaming or stored and synced in the IP-cloud, especially if the storage space on the phone is small and not in front of you for only using that property, you have to respect that or continued provided there are other solutions.

4 – delete the photos and videos deleted

It is known that the photos or videos that you have deleted are not permanently deleted but go to an album called “recently deleted’. Where will be deleted permanently after 30 days.

However I don’t believe that someone uses your phone into the sound and to a file deleted and what you don’t want to be called one. So you must get rid of those files immediately. We wish to put Apple’s choice to delete the final with a characteristic deletion of images, as many of the deleted images from the photo album only and forget to delete them from the album deleted.

5 – hide pictures and videos from the albums certain

These secrets that don’t know of the existence of many. You can hide images, videos, certain as well as will be hidden from all places of memories, bonds, and groups in any album you can expect in this media but will be photos and videos only available in the album ” hidden”.

We wished to enable Apple to close this album fingerprint or password. But at least try to this property to keep an eye on the media profession on the image file when it is browsed by relatives and friends.

If you want to hide a photo or video, select it then press the Share button to show the window posts and then swipe the bottom bar until you see ” hide ” and then will hide the image and put it in the album ” hidden “.

6. use a password to lock the photos and videos

Maybe all of the above is not enough to ensure complete privacy. What if I told you that you can save your photos and videos with a password or fingerprint without the use of any external applications! Only in the iOS system and therefore guarantee the non-arrival of one of them.

Share pictures and videos as a note in the new notes application, and then delete the photos and videos from the photos app, then scroll to applications notes and by the note left or right or use the window posts and then use the lock icon, or use the footprint will be closed note and is opened only by entering a password.

7 – you can use external applications

If you don’t like any of the previous methods, you can use external applications to lock images or video you can use apps like TouchyNotes “free” Folder Lock “free”, Secure Gallery & Password Vault “free,” Private Photo Vault “free or paid”.

The most powerful of these applications is the application TouchyNotes of strength and tricks in setting passwords you can use it in front of anyone and does not know what the number you wrote.

These previous tips focused on video and audio that is captured via a camera application stored in a photo album, as for tips privacy apps like Facebook or Instagram, surely it would be no tips in the articles to come God willing.

What do you think of this advice? And did you use any of them? And do you know for advice. other peculiarities of the audio and video didn’t mention it? Tell us in the comments



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