Tips to protect your smartphone from hackers and spammers

The question of the penetration of your smartphone confusing for real, the invasion of a wide your privacy, a blatant violation of your personal life, and it might take some time to figure out what is missing, as I don’t need your smart phone valuables only; rather, it demonstrates intruders any precious things is most important to you.

And smartphones are small devices can easily be lost or stolen, which constantly send and receive signals via the internet, so they are a goal for criminals.

And in order to keep your phone and its contents away from prying eyes and hackers to develop a strategy to protect your valuable information, but your smartphone knows all your secrets, here are some tips on how to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders:

Update the operating system and applications:

Occur software companies software constantly, and many of the updates and security enhancements help protect your smartphone from data breaches, coupled with the closure of the gaps of security, making it difficult for intruders to penetrate the phone.

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Avoid public WiFi networks:

Everyone should know the risks of using wireless networks open to the public, because those networks the free are located in shopping malls or cafes or airports or any other public place that may cause harm, so try to use your connection to the cellular-only whenever possible.

And turn off the wireless network on your mobile phone when in a public place, and in case this is not possible, you should think about using VPN, but with the choice of the service provider carefully, as not all VPNs are equal in quality.

Keep in mind also disable the Bluetooth while you’re out, unless you are wearing a smart watch requires it.

Lock your smartphone:

Always use a passcode consisting of four or six digits to lock your device, so as to ensure that in case of a fall your smartphone from your pocket you will not be able to the first person who gets it from getting the email address; contacts; health; and banking information.

As are fingerprint and face replacement easy and fast to those numbers, also be sure to lock applications containing personal information with a password.

Use authentication:

Form authentication (2FA) is a security measures effective in the face of the little hackers, and although she hated the kind of development an extra step, but it is very helpful, providing authentication an additional layer of protection in case someone on the password for your smartphone.

Use strong passwords:

You must use strong passwords not hackers can easily penetrate, so that is supposed to contain 16-20 characters with combination of letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters and symbols, there are a lot of apps generate passwords secure and change passwords every six months to a year, or as soon as you hear about a data breach for any program you are using.

Beware of spoofed messages:

Constitutes a safety email is one of the easiest ways employed by hackers to invade your smartphone and access to your information, was designed tricks service to celebrate you and deliver access to your accounts, so avoid clicking on links in promotional emails, or open suspicious attachments, or run app updates via e-mail.

Also don’t try to access to financial accounts through e-mails random, but go rather, to the site of the financial institution and log in using your user name and password.

Use the built-in protection:

You can in case of Lost Phone or stolen contain the damage by using a service tracking device, such as Find My iPhone and Android Find My Device, which can locate your lost phone on the map, and – in some cases – automatically.

As these services can also make your phone ring to help you locate it, in addition to the possibility of making the phone deletes all information after a specific number of attempts to input wrong passcode.

Use apps virus scan:

Prefer hackers and malware to steal passwords and account information, but you can counter it by anti-virus applications for smart phones, there are many famous names in this field, such as Avast and McAfee and Panda.

Provides anti-virus applications for smart phones enhanced protection through the guarantee of non-injury programmes; PDF files; health; and other files application malware before opening them.

Management of app permissions:

Check the apps on your phone to determine whether they have greater permissions than they need, and you can grant or deny permissions, such as access to camera; or a microphone; or contacts; or your geographic location, and must follow the permissions given to applications, and cancel permissions are not required.


You should be prepared for the worst by making sure to backup the data of your smartphone in order to protect documents and images is important in case your phone is lost or stolen, so that they allow you this way to access photos, files, documents, precious as your phone is lost or wiped it.

I know where it comes from applications:

You must stay away from installing any application old on your smart phone, in addition to the knowledge of any come apps. While the limited choice of applications for iPhone on Apple App Store, and that scans all the apps, it is easy to download applications on the Android system, which means that downloaded and installed from a source other than the Google Play Store.

And the best way to avoid malware on Android is the obligation of apps available via the Google Play Store, which is checked by Google, as you should not download the application via text messaging, where it’s a method used by hackers to deliver malware to your smart phone.

Stay away from Chargers general:

Charge your phone via USB only trusted, such as your computer or your car, where criminals can breakthrough a suitable USB charging, such as those available at headquarters or the airport, to steal personal information.

Don’t break the protection of your phone:

Let’s break down protect your phone owners for iPhone access to apps and programs that are not available in the Apple App Store, but this step you know your smart phone to viruses and malware, and they eliminate the guarantee of Apple, and may not help your staff Apple TV in case something bad happens.

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