Tips to solve the problem of failure to connect in the Chrome browser

The problem of the failure to call one of the most common problems in the Chrome browser is famous among all the users, and almost no user yet failed to put this niche on the browser, and even in other browsers the likes of Firefox and other browsers, show a niche for them, too, but are getting more in the Chrome Browser, There are lots of solutions contained in those problem, but most users emphasized that they didn’t work with them and the problem is still there on the browser and surprisingly it be in some locations and not others, and therefore it was necessary to find a solution to the problem of communication failure and this is what we will face in the subject.

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What are the reasons for the emergence of the problem of failure to connect to the internet for?

The problem appears that the named Reset_Connection_Err when things don’t Go Chrome on the call or when it doesn’t have a stable connection on his device, and this in turn makes the computer can not handle contact resulting in the emergence of this problem or the message.

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Fixed a problem of failed to connect in the Chrome browser

Check your internet connection.

The first steps that are necessary to do is to talk to your Network in two ways either by battle are season works or not in your device, and the second Via to create a connection to different locations and stand at one location might be the problem only in him, and all this in case you are using a WiFi network in your device.

When you use a vpn

In case you are using a VPN it can be is the cause of the problem, verify the problem, change the server to be a server don’t use it much mostly.

A way to solve the problem of connection failures by the settings of security software

  • Protection programs working to combat all viruses by blocking some websites that threaten the system device, and to solve the problem will you go to the settings of the program and then press on the inclusion of Comme list, if you have anti-virus software and use was limited to just the Windows Defender then you will do the following :

  • Go to Settings Settings
  • Then Update security for Windows.Update & Security
  • Then to the Windows Security including to
  • After that go to Firewall & network
  • After that click on the Allow through the firewall through app an Allow
  • After that make sure you select the box left in Chrome and click OK.

Solve the problem by cleaning the Chrome browser

Do the following

Copy the address paste the following in the address bar url


Remove all what you are viewing on the network.


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