Tires luxury for iPhone XS/XS, max rate of up to 23 thousand riyals

IPhones 2018 Leading are the most expensive at all, where up the price of the Model XS maxi with a capacity of 512 gigabytes and without blasphemous to 1,445$, but with Kafr luxury can up the price to 7,460$, here’s some of the most expensive tires iPhones XS.

Beginning with the Alter Ego of the company Gray, takes the form X hold behind the phone and corners, made of titanium used in military aircraft, and were treated manually give different colors to appear clear in the version of Arora, which is available at a price of 2,763$ for XS, 3,000$ for the big XS Max.

There are several colors of tires Alter Ego are available, each in limited quantities, and gold above available of 100 copies only; for 2,270$ for XS, 2,520$ for XS Max.

The Kafr el Gresso Magnum at the price of the$ 595 they are more classic, the inner layer of flexible, integrated finishing with polyurethane for protection from different temperature and the outer layer of Titanium grade 5 for fun and cruelty.

From the skins of strange animal such as lizards, snakes, ostriches, crocodiles, calves, available tires Hadoro iPhone XS/XS maxi with various designs at a price of 890 euros.

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton manufactured tires luxury iPhone, it has a Eye Trunk for XS XS Max which offers a design classic for the company at a price of 1,320$.

This is not the tires already, it is the version for iPhone of the company Caviar known download iPhone to phones Deluxe, provide XS XS Max with behind the gold-plated, inlaid mother-of-Pearl at a starting price of 5,420$ and up to 7,460$, it also has other options of gold, diamonds, leather and carbon.

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