To achieve Super Micro confirms that there are no chips trade in motherboards servers Apple TV and Amazon

Server room interior in datacenter

Two months ago, a report from the site Bloomberg that the servers of Apple and other companies that used the technology Super Micro has been compromised. It was suggested that this is due to that spies the Chinese say planting a small chip the size of a grain of rice in the motherboards them, a chip that transmits information to China.

Since then denied Apple, and has denied the intelligence agencies of America it also, and just to feel safe, ordered the company Super Micro investigation external detailed to verify the credibility of it. Now complete this investigation, according to the results, it turns out that the motherboards to buy Super Micro free chip trade.

The report of the news agency Reuters says it has been conducting the investigation, before the firm Nardello & Co, which tested different samples of motherboards that have been produced recently and compare it with those sold buy Apple, Amazon. Moreover, the company Nardello & Co also examination software design and found that there are no components or evidence suggesting that the information is sent to the unauthorized.

The Apple TV has been suggested earlier that the report of Bloomberg may have meant a separate and non-related occurred in the year 2016, although the site Bloomberg reported then that Apple and Amazon are concerned in his report and remained committed to the validity of what is stated in this report, although support of that request from Bloomberg to withdraw his report of the CEO of Apple, and chief executive of the Department of Amazon Web Services in Amazon.


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