To avoid problems, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Fuld 2 within the conference, August

We all now know that the conference of the Samsung’s next Unpacked will be held on the fifth of August, a conference replete with new products, so now we know that the police intend to reveal the Galaxy Note 20, tablet the Galaxy S7, H Galaxy Watch 3 as well as headset galaxy must live Galaxy Z flip 5G, but the conference will lose one of the most important devices are expected, a phone Galaxy Fuld 2 rollaway.جالكسي فولد 2

Why won’t reveal Samsung Galaxy Fuld 2 within the conference?

According to the famous warrior Max and the mattress and affiliated to the famous XDA phone Galaxy Fuld 2 will not come within the conference, which is uncertain, speaking of the reason why the phone will be delayed simply because the software of the device did not become ready yet and won’t be ready before the end of the month of September.

Come this statement not said the same boat a few days ago that the operating system of your phone will not be ready before the middle to the end of the month of December, has stated the remark after being briefed effectively on the operating system for your device, here we are talking about the time which will become the system is ready, and in general companies need for an additional period of time to experience the system and make sure that everything works fine.

جالكسي فولد 2

All the above means that Samsung is not able to announce the phone officially in the conference, because the advertising on the phone will require the company to clarify the deadline and content for the launch which is not possible in the absence of the expiry of the development of the operating interface of your phone.

On the other hand, Samsung has two solutions, either to talk on the phone and a presentation of its own within the conference, but without learning about the details of all stress or to ignore the talk about the phone fully! Which is possible and easy to navigate because the company has a huge number of products that would be expressed within the conference, as stated before.

Expected phone Galaxy Fuld 2 that comes with a new design and improved -as in the picture above – besides the adoption of the phone on the screen with a frequency of 120 hertz and the cameras in terms of their number or their accuracy, add to it the phone may come with support for networks of the fifth generation just like the Galaxy Z flip new which will be unveiled at the same conference.

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