To become more secure.. a new update in the Google Chrome browser

Not work safe browsing through Google Chrome only if the browser displays web sites that should protect you from them, and that’s why the giant of technical encourages users to report suspicious sites, and, in order that the company launched a new extension for the browser Chrome called “Suspicious Site Reporter”, which provides you a quick way to tell Google whether the website looks good or an outcast, add a mark next to accessories and other banks that turn to orange color if you find anything questionable about the page you are visiting.

If you find something really inappropriate, you can notify Google easily by clicking the button “Send report”, which will see the company’s URL address for this website, a screenshot and the HTML of the site, in the tech giant said the extension is intended for “power users”, this probably means for system administrators, but we managed to access it and send a good report.

Add new ones to the Google Chrome 75

إضافة جديدة في جوجل كروم للإبلاغ عن المواقع المشبوهةAdd new in Google Chrome to report suspicious websites

In addition to that work Google to put up a new feature for Google Chrome 75 which can prevent you from loading web sites deceptive, if you try to download instead of for example, we get the browser warning page in full, will ask whether the Website is a site that you already want to move him, because you don’t usually visit the site that you are converting.

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