To create an analogue of the Face ID too expensive?

In a new report DigiTimes claims that most manufacturers of Android smartphones has decided to abandon the development of analogue Face ID. Instead, the company will focus on the further development of fingerprint scanners by introducing them directly into the screen.

It is claimed that the main reason was the high price of modules and level of complexity in the design. For example, the cost TrueDepth camera, which appears in iPhone X, – $ 60, for a total price of the smartphone at $ 999. It is not surprising that the producers made a choice in favor of fingerprint sensors, which cost much lower.

Moreover, the technology is continuously improved Qualcomm already has the technology where the fingerprint scanner is placed below the display. It is expected that Huawei Mate 11 will be the first mass product of this kind.

Another reason is a possible violation of patent rights, since these modules operate on the same principle of projection of the laser points. On this basis, to wait for the analogue Face ID in Android smartphones in the near future is not worth it. At least until then, until it becomes beneficial to both manufacturer and end user.

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