To cure cancer will help the good old x-ray

The more dangerous the disease the more treatment methods is created, it’s not always existing be effective. And in combating such a terrible disease like cancer, a group of Australian scientists have achieved enough success, using drug delivery is not the game and the catheters, and x-rays.

According to the publication Nature Communications, a team of scientists from Australia with the help of new technology able to destroy cancer cells colorectal cancer. To do this, scientists “Packed” the drug in liposomes are spherical particles, created from alternating layers of lipid and water solution. Penetrating into the cells, they can target to treat tumours without harming healthy tissue. As stated by the author Wei Dan,

“Today, the use of liposomes is considered a very effective method of drug delivery. They are made of the same substances, and cell membranes, they are simple to make and can be filled with the necessary preparations, and then to deliver in a certain part of the body. In this case the main challenge is to make liposome to produce a cure in time.”

For the latter the authors built in the shell of the liposome particles of gold and verteporfin is a special material that is activated by various types of radiation, including x-ray. After irradiation verteporfin reacts, which makes one form existing in the body of oxygen in a different, more active. It causes the destruction of liposomes, gold particles act as a catalyst, focusing the radiation on verteporfin and accelerating the reaction.

The proof of the effectiveness of a new type of anticancer therapy

During a series of experiments, a new drug tested on lab mice infected with colorectal cancer. 2 weeks of therapy, the tumor decreased in several times without damaging the surrounding tissue. Now experts focus on a full-scale trial involving patients with colorectal cancer.

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