To deliver the gadget from the USA for 900 rubles? Easy!

Many people know that to order products from the USA usually cheaper than buying them in Russia with the margin. However, most of the shops do not deliver the goods in our country or does so at very high cost. Fortunately now you can order any smartphone or smart watch from the USA and pay for shipping of only $ 13!

Such action has launched a service for the delivery of goods from the United States and Europe — mail-order. Until the end of September you can arrange delivery any smartphone or smart watch to pay for her $ 13 — about 900 rubles.

Why you should order the smartphone in the U.S.

First, it is a great way to save. For example, Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, which has a stunning camera, 5.8-inch screen, 6 GB of RAM and supports two SIM-cards in the United States is almost 15 thousand roubles is cheaper, than in Russia. Even with shipping, the benefit is obtained impressive.

Your savings: 15 000.

Another example — Nokia 6.1, one of the most popular budget smartphone manufacturer. It has a Snapdragon processor 630, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal.

Your savings: 8 000 rubles.

Besides the obvious savings, ordering of smartphone in the US — the ability to get a device that is not officially sold in Russia. For example, Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL: display of both models is made according to the currently popular OLED technology, and their housing is protected against water and dust according to IP67 standard. Add to that a top iron, the latest version of Android and fast charging — will get a real flagship. And it is for $ 900.

As for smart watches, in Russia, quite a large range of appropriate accessories, though many models sold in 1.5-2 times more expensive than in USA or Europe. For example, you can save up to 5 000 rubles, if you buy in the us online store smart watches Samsung Gear Sport. The round watch equipped with AMOLED-display and are running proprietary operating system Tizen.

Your savings: 5 000.

Even more (almost 10 000) would be savings if you order in the U.S. store sports Huawei Watch 2. The watch has a stylish design, multi-touch AMOLED-display and protection from dust and moisture IP68. Built-in GPS and GLONASS, NFC & dual microphone — in kit.

Your savings: 10 000.

These and any other smart watches or smart phones Qwintry will deliver to Russia for just $ 13. Enough to form a parcel with the right gadget (smartphone or one one smart watch), and then specify one of the points of self-delivery in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Under these conditions, the delivery amount will automatically be recalculated and will be $ 13.

The campaign will last until the end of September, so the time to think not so much.

If you don’t know English, I am afraid that some confusion when ordering or just don’t want to do the ordering yourself — use the “assisted purchase”: just send the specialists of our services link to the right product, and then they will do everything for you, will only make a payment.

Arrange delivery for $ 13

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