To earn crypto currencies, we need not to trade

The most famous capturadora Twitter promote trade digital assets as the only way to gain the profit in the industry. They never miss a chance to boast their income in trading with leverage — that is, borrowed money that gives the beginner the impression of “easy money”. In fact, the real situation is far worse: most of the traders only loses their capital.

Co-founder Morgan Creek Capital Anthony Pompliano said that cryptoendoliths will earn only when they are “several years” will lose the passwords to their accounts at cryptocurrency exchanges. In other words, the normal investment and HODL or storage of cryptocurrencies without surgery with them — will bring much more benefits and money than daily bargains.

As a beginner to earn on the crypt?

If you thought with your head to jump in margin trading with Bitcoin, I dare to warn you — this is a very risky undertaking, which with high probability will end in a loss of capital. Pompliano offers to follow the principles holla, that is, long-term hold BTC. This view also maintains a co-founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee.

Yes. Temporary suspension of bitcoin will help people to derive maximum benefit from growth in the network of cryptocurrency.

Co-founder Altonomy Ricky Lee also believes investing is the best way to preserve and increase their funds during the bullish cycle of Bitcoin. Here’s another good quote from a technical analyst for Thomas Salles.

Of course, the professional trader who know when the time to enter and exit the market, could significantly improve the profitability of their investments. But this strategy is not suitable for most investors. Even a very good trader remove most of their profits in a limited number of days. If he misses the “best” time window, its total income for the year will fall significantly.

This hypothesis is confirmed by a study of Tom Lee, published in may. Then, the expert said that the main cryptocurrency rises in price in certain time periods of the year. That is, the income of the trader will depend on his activity during these periods. In this situation, investors stand to benefit, as the value of the coins becomes more expensive, regardless of their actions.

It is important not to forget that the usual storage of coins in the purse is also involves certain costs. At least users will have to pay a fee to the miners to move coins to the exchange and there to sell them. According to the latest data, this figure rises to 2.1 percent of the amount. Read more about the study we wrote this article.

Recall, Bitcoin is the most secure investment in the industry that confirm these arguments. Highlight for BTC most of their capital. More useful tips for investors-novice to be found in our cryptodata millionaires!


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