To eliminate the “son” and in Chapter I schools, the Chinese used “uniforms smart” control her students!

Began Chinese schools use uniforms School own the kind of smart technology, you can monitor the movements of students and determine their whereabouts, in an attempt to improve attendance in schools, as quoted by The Telegraph of British on the Global Times Chinese.

Each visit to a school tray on the bar two in the shoulders, you specify the date and leave the students to their schools, and relate these tranches with a system recognition installed at the entrance to every school, so be sure to identity each student’s area for school uniforms, so as not to cheat the school in the presence of someone substitute for the student.

According to the report, it is when you try to any student leaving the school during school hours, the siren will apply for the implementation of officials to infer the personality, as it should outfit intelligent teacher sleeping with one of the students in the class, the student can through the payment of electronic payments for online purchases using facial recognition or with fingerprints.

Despite the possibilities of smart in the school uniform of the Chinese, it can be washed with ease without worry, where the outfit actually nearly 500 wash at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

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