To fight cancer cells helps…cancer cells

Scientists know about cancer almost everything. However, to overcome this dangerous disease completely from the experts have not yet been obtained. But if cancer cells are so intent on destroying everything, why not make them ourselves?

Something similar and made a group of scientists at the University of Brigham. According to the publication Science Translational Medicine, the researchers were able to make significant progress in tackling initial, recurrent, and metastatic forms of cancer. According to one of the authors, Khalid Shah,

“This is just the beginning. Therapy-based cells has tremendous promise for drug delivery directly to the tumor. We can “reconfigure” the cancer cells of the patient and use them to treat cancer! Moreover, it can be used against all types of cancer cells.”

How were you able to achieve this? A team of scientists has created 2 methods. In the first case from scratch was “collected” special tumor cells, which were complementary to the HLA phenotype (that is, in fact, was something of immune cells). In the second case, due to the use of CRISPR experts did the same thing, but with an already existing tumor. As a result, both types of cells after introduction into the body migrated to the tumor site and began to “devour” her. Moreover, destroying cancer, “anticancer tumor” includes a self-destruct mechanism and decays.

“Our study indicates a high potential of tumor cells as a therapeutic agent against cancer. The new method can be used even in the case where the drug delivery into the tumor is difficult.”

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