To find the malware in the system WordPress has infected more than 2000 website

برمجية خبيثة وردبريس

برمجية خبيثة وردبريس

Enables researchers from the company, Sucuri, is specialized in the field of digital security, from find malware in the system “WordPress” WordPress for content management, and software present in more than 2000 site at the moment.

According to the company, the software works on the registered body for the buttons of the keyboard Keylogger, any you log what the user typed on the need to send it to servers outside. As you say, the same code is running programmes for two digital currencies.

Previously to Sucuri found in December on malware found on the company’s servers cloudflare hit more than 5,500 site is running “WordPress”. But the harm it disappeared immediately remove the malicious files from the servers. The malicious software is new, so its present on private servers apparently belong to a domain that is msdns[.]online cdns are[.]ws, and cdjs[.]online also.

Monitoring software that is working when you visit a websites designed with that code is you are calling some external files, all file the JavaScript, then run the coded malware and steal user data depending on the protocol of WebSocket, which allows the exchange of data between the server and the device via the channels immediately.

Not yet know the mechanism of migration to injury Sites operating system “WordPress”. But the company Sucuri think that using old versions of the system without the update to the latest versions would facilitate the injury management system database content and files contained in it, and thus injury to the whole site without the knowledge of user.

Andto make sure the injury site can download added Sucuri Scanner free of the company, which scans all files to make sure they are free of malicious files. It also scans databases to ensure that no implant applications servers. In addition to the foregoing, it can be from inside the System Control Panel “WordPress”, after download the extension, choose the Sucuri Security from the list and Dashboard for system files that should remain unchanged, in the event of any change or amendment, it means that there is a penetrating injury by a very large.

Finally, can the pressure on the Last Logins from the side menu also after selecting the Sucuri Security, here can be found on the last logins that took place to make sure there are no operations of anonymous do not know the user.

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