To give birth in space. Who would agree to the crazy futuristic experiment?

If humanity plans to colonize other planets in the Solar system, it is necessary to learn to reproduce in space. But before that you need to understand how the space environment affects various functions of the human body. A technology company from the Netherlands SpaceLife Origin has set a goal to find out. Its researchers are looking for women volunteers who are willing to give birth outside of the Earth. The experiment you plan to spend in 2024.

If scientists do succeed, they may appear first in the history of man-nesemann.

“If the human race wants to become an interplanetary species, it is necessary to understand how to reproduce in space,” says founder and CEO SpaceLife Origin Keys Mulder.

Preparation to the main part of the experiment will take place in several stages. Until 2024 SpaceLife Origin scientists are going to conduct a few preliminary tests. Currently the company is developing a “space incubator for embryos”. In the device you plan to put human sperm and ova and to send into space in 2021. Once in space, the egg will be fertilized, and then begin the development of the embryo. A few days after this, the apparatus with incubator aboard will return to Earth, where the fertilized ovum artificially introduced into the uterus of a volunteer.

Renders of a possible incubator Ark

Three years later, with the start of the first experiment, the company plans to send into orbit the woman gave birth to the first man beyond Earth.

“During the 24-36-hour mission, the woman gives birth at an altitude of 400 kilometers above the Earth, accompanied by the trained team of doctors of the world level. Carefully prepared and controlled process, like earth’s Western standards for mother and child, will help to minimize all possible risks,” — said in a press release published on the website of Globe Newswire.

According to Mulder, the world’s space agencies and companies are already investing billions of dollars to develop space tourism as well as projects related to the construction of the space of dwellings, all for one common goal – colonization of other planets (the first targets are Mars and the Moon). The main reason for this desire is the desire to have a backup plan, because according to projections, life on Earth in the next century can be very challenging.

In SpaceLife Origin noted that the planned experiment will be very expensive. The company estimates that only one conception in space, can cost from 250 thousand to $ 5 million, and the birth of a child even more.

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