To improve the journey of Hajj and Umrah by using a block Chi

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تقنية البلوكشين أوجميت سلام تكنولوجيز

Corporation today announced the “more” Augmate to manage wearable devices about the partnership with the company “safety technology” Salam Technologies in order to improve the use of the hardware nested and block Chi for visitors to the Hajj and Umrah. After achieving success for the development of Salam mobile platform management devices in Augmate, and will establish a partnership with integrated services to broaden the use of each platform and view these services on the providers of others in the same field.

Will expand the use of Platform Management devices in Augmate in order to support devices which can be wearable and portable in the near term, in addition to the expansion in sensors and the Internet of things Additional in the future.

Integrate the application to the phone Salam mobile seamlessly in the interface management devices contact Augmate to facilitate the process of messaging the collective and individual advantages of activation, voice control additional personal information in addition to payment services and others. Preferably, to accelerate the development cycle of the system core to interact with consumers in the company, Augmate, which will be available later this year. In the year 2019 will be issued a series of copies of the book distribution blocks Qi, which works to increase content management and communication co-operation and joint devices.

The bear, the founder and CEO of Salam technologies: “add partnership with Augmate great value our commitment to make the pilgrimage safer, more connected and informed. As is the experience of visitors to Walt Disney World Theme Park universal, the existence of a wearable device and linked to many of the hardware sensors and the Internet of things, allows the team to communicate without the price of goods and services, and many other uses, in a manner safer and effective stakeholders”.

For its part, said the house and the President and CEO of Augmate: “we are aware of the technical requirements needed to support the 35-45 million visitors expected per year, according to the kingdom’s vision 2030, in addition to devices that can be worn are an essential element in achieving these goals. We look forward to adding our support to achieve this vision.”

And all of Augmate وSalam Technologies at the Summit for investment and innovation in the block Qi on 19 March in Dubai to further discuss opportunities with additional partners and the media, in addition to other participants in the ecosystem.

To improve the journey of Hajj and Umrah by using a block Chi

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