To learn the fate of our Digital

The fate of our Digital …

لنتحكم في مصيرنا الرقمي

Not a day goes by I browsing through Twitter only to find people complaining of the suspension of his account temporarily for one reason or another. During the suspension period will not be able to tweet or expression and to participate in topics that interest him, which is level, so how do you know the “My Account”for?!

I think that the word “account” itself is somewhat misleading. You do not have this account actually, so if I tweet a million tweets. The same situation applies to the rest of the social networks. When you register in these services to you “give power” to use these services under the restrictions and policies of their own, this thing gets us into gray areas always. Laws and policies for these networks may prohibit you to talk and write about several things not consistent with Western values.

So end up mostly about this type of bow to the “unconscious” of these laws, we do not want to prevent the use of these networks. It has become a source of news, and of what is going on around us. For this we turn and avoid the talk in the things that cause resentment of the West not to know our accounts and transfer problems.

This development no negative impact on them as people, and the rising generation that uses these networks. When we avoid talking about our issues or our values, because they do not comply with the policies of each of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, that makes her absent mind most about the digital world, which is assumed to mirror reality.

The absence of talk and writing about issues important to us, will be the disappearance of any trace of him, like we’re hiding the history of a whole, and therefore it’s impact on the next generation, if we when we avoid talking about our values and our thoughts online, we tell the future generations that these ideas are wrong and unacceptable. Thus will avoid the turn to talk about, and within a few decades the A lot of our beliefs.

The world is not a rosy so let’s just agree that the slogan “Internet is free” is a term marketing more than real, so you should rethink the fate of our digital, and take the reins.

Let’s get out of the circle of modern theoretical a little, Mali should we do?


What you was talking about in the previous is not a problem for us, even in the West differs a lot from the people with the policies of the social networks, and this difference resulted in the emergence of alternative technologies such as the Mastodon , which allows you to build your own version of Twitter with your own.

When your copy of Mastodon will give you full freedom in management and policy that are right for you. And you can connect to a network, the Mastodon the other, but this decision is up to you entirely, you can prevent it and on the privacy of your Network. And it’s free and open source for anyone who wants to contribute.

This may be the solution to a “technical increase”, the year of the people want easy access to social networks and want to deploy management servers and the headaches that comes with it either by computer or phone, and will not cite alternatives to the world but thought network Penlens in Saudi Arabia, which was developed by Mohammed list.

The problem of alternatives is that the refusal of the user of the transition of the network where there is no any of his friends, this makes us get into a cycle tired of the attempts of persuasion or the occurrence of a big problem of paying users to move, as in the case of reddit.

In the past, the competition was among all of the digg and reddit but due to a combination of bad decisions by the first, resenting the users of digg and they said, mass exodus to reddit and overnight it became reddit is superior to digg, which has become just a beautiful memory for his contemporaries. But how can we repeat the experience at the local level? (Blocking?)


The second solution lies in the legislative branch of each country, which is laborious and needs a long time.

Presumably any company operating in a particular country that respects its culture and norms in the expression of freedom of opinion, this thing must be clear to any company you want to work in that country.

Because social networks list mostly on advertising, access to a large segment of users is important, so you must not submit them to the market so take advantage of them without laws limiting their forces to impose their laws on me and in the European Union.

Same broken record…

Echo is always that the Second World War will be a war of number, and even still the world (except for China), living on the import of digital for each available service, these things should start to change, either through laws or through the platform support local alternative to become the fate of our Digital hands.

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